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About me: Who made this website?
Introduction: What is this website about?
Teasy's Picks: Highlights from my creations on this website.
The Awakening Report: Personal inspiration and transformation.
Website EditLog: New additions and changes.

Teasy's Music: An assortment of my demonstration tracks.
Teasy's Software: Some of my games, tools and demonstrations for Windows.
T-C's Blitz Tutorials website: Learn how to code (games) using these resources.
Teasy's UT Portal: Numerous of my maps and demos for Unreal Tournament.
Documents Index: A selection of my interesting documents.

Starglider: Nostalgic (web) front-end for an old Atari game.
EdSite (main): Preview of one of my expanded websites.
GeoCities Index (OoCities archive): Old mirror.
AngelFire Index: Old mirror.