The Awakening Report

Apr 2011

Cured: A Cannabis Story (A film by David Triplett)
( fluorouracil = chemotherapy = genocide/suicide )

Essene Earth Blessing

( a nice way to save money :P )

A Practical Guide to ‘Free-Energy’ Devices (intro)
( more: )
( free e-book: )

How To Make Baking Soda Molasses Cancer Protocol Solutions

Drinking Baking Soda for Health | Improving Your Health

Message from Archangel Michael LM-4-2011
Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

* Jericho Sunfire:
So You Think Going Breatharian Is Crazy Huh!?
- You buy and smoke cigarettes even though it says "SMOKING KILLS" on the packet.
- You drink alcohol even though it makes you drunk and unable to control yourself.
- You eat food just for the taste with no concern for what it's doing to your body.
- You think food is nutritious because it says so on the packet.
- You go to a complete stranger to tell you exactly what to eat so you don't get fat.
- You work hard to earn money to pay for your food only to shit it all down the toilet.
- You think getting sick is normal.
- You think having organs surgically removed is normal.
- You think 40 is old age.
- You spend money on foods that addict you and then complain about the 'Matrix'.
- You feed your children the same foods that you know are unhealthy.
- You think Vegan food is healthier than non-vegan food.
- You won't eat dead animals for ethical reasons but you will eat living plants.
- You eat food that has nothing to do with your body, then think it makes you strong.
- You eat food and you think it gives you energy.
- You eat man made food and you think it creates/gives life.
- You have no issues with food addiction/obesity as long as you can keep it going.
- You're happy to be turned into a depressed, lazy out of shape coach potato.
I think I'll stick to Breatharianism thanks.

Angaangaq: One Earth and one Race

A Gift From Saint Germain

Gregg Braden: vanish cancer tumor in 2 min 40 sec

Garrett: the beautiful truth (documentary)
( a glimpse behind the 'scenes' )
includes many all-cures.

Suzan Caroll & The Arcturians: Parallel Realities (part 2)
how the world (as we know it) came to be,
in quite some detail.
( and how the shift will occur )

Mar 2011

DreamingBear: The Global Collective Dream Experiment
( more : )

* Dr. Berg
health tips
amazing story
new body type system

Genesis - Land Of Confusion
( revelations )

Frans: De vrije mens (blog): De vier 'kamers' van het huis mens

StarShip Capricorn (forum) news:
  Japan situation, Russia spaceship, playing the HAARP
from Matthew + Hatonn & friends

Kryon (via Lee Carroll)
"2011 and Beyond": What you are seeing, and why
text version:
audio version:

Saul: Slow down the frenetic pace at which you live

Steve Rother & de groep: in je kracht staan

Barbara Cox: a personal glimpse from japan

Solara An-Ra: Divine Dispensations on Gaia NOW!
Pleiadian Council through Solara An-Ra: March 2011

Astrologer Salvador Russo
Uranus in Aries: The Revolution of Consciousness

Jyoti: Miracles Manifest Now
( i start with the bottom one, which is first )
( i pick one that appeals to me )

Lee Harris
2011: Year of Illumination

Kedar's photos HD

Authentic Heart

Selective attention (test)
how the pink elephant is hidden

overzicht, introductie en achtergrond

Mickey's Kingdom doggy webshop
- carnibest (vleesmix bio, lam-mix)
- glucobest zalmolie capsules
- herbal pet (medicinaal)

De visie van Frank Hoogerbeets

The 2012 scenario

Tony Wicks: dramatische veranderingen - wat is er bezig?

The two talking cats

Feb 2011

Henk Fransen: Activeer je zelfgenezend vermogen

Kate Spreckley & Celia Fenn: A Group of Twelve Light Beings
Managing the New Energies & Relationships in the New Energy
# Example of implementation:

George Koemtzopoulos

Galactic channelings

How to protect yourself from Chem-trails and how to remove their harmful effects

Het Akashasysteem 1/3 - Kryon - Nederlands ondertiteld

In your eyes: feeling = seeing

The eye of You

Secret Document: Stille Wapens voor een Stille Oorlog
( bron: )

Montague Keen - februari 13, 2011

Kryon - Het ontwakend DNA

Sri Chinmoy - Here and Now

Gold Ring: Heaven Lives in the River of My Heart

( commercial cure-all )

Remember the word "Impossible" is really just "I'm possible"
( physical natural health exploration )

Family Health Beauty Info
( physical natural health )

Charles Eisenstein - "Living in the Gift"

Dolphin Dave Jimenez

Little Grandmother's Message for 2011

Jan 2011

Marshall Rosenberg
The Basics of Non Violent Communication 1.1
( verbondenheid & geweldloze communicatie )
( meer! )

1/9 - Infinite Energy - But Not For The Masses
(revealed & explained)

TEDxCharlotte 2010 - Randy Powell

Lilou Mace interviews Little Grandmother in Santa Fe (video)
( the juicy living tour begins )


Matrix Energetics Introduction

New Earth Records
(moderne 'platenmaatschappij')

Christmas Message From Ascended Master Saint Germain

Heyoka Ken Thornton: Message from Mother Earth (II) 2012

Boris Purushottama Grebenshikov live in New York

Liora: World harmonics sound healing

Suzan Caroll: Algehele vergeving essentieel voor Ascentie

Believe In The Inner Master (Supreme Master Ching Hai lecture)


May 2010
- john hutchison @ youtube: a brief introduction
  - includes "the hutchison effect" (more videos available with full explanation)
- Rex Research: suppressed, dormant, emerging unconventional alternative technologies
- jesus of malibu
  - jesus of malibu (cinematic trailer) (for the heart)
  - jesus of malibu; 'behind the scenes' (warning: thought-provoking)


Mar 2010
- Little Grandmother Kiesha Crowther
  - Return of the Ancestors Part 1 of 3 - Introduction on Vimeo
  - Return of the Ancestors - Part 2 - Healing the Earth, the Masculine and the Feminine on Vimeo
  - Return of the Ancestors - Part 3 - Prophecy and Teachings on Vimeo
  - 2010 with Shaman, Kiesha Crowther (1/2)
  - 2010 with Shaman, Kiesha Crowther (2/2)

Dec 2010..Mar 2009
- < 126([]) more items coming up >

Feb 2009
- Nick Vujicic, No Arms, No Legs, No Worries! (3 parts): awe inspiring
- The Illusion of the Now - Jeshua: enlighting, insightful, soul connection
  - The Imzaia Movement
  - More videos
- VirtualLight #6 Beacons of Light Feb 2009 - The End of Separation: soul connection, coming home
  - u can skip the first 5 mins - a 'new-age tainted'-intro - to go to the 'good stuff' instantly
- Conscious Music Network features Bobby McFerrin: many examples of unbound music/voice (excerpts)
  - if u can't be arsed with previewing tracks, take a look at the bottom video for a nice improvisation 

Jan 2009
- Emmett Miller on Self Healing: about the system, reality, meditation, community, relationships, inner self, religion and more!
- Saint Germain: Setting the Tone of Joy (Playlist: Part 1)
- Center of the Soul: (Dutch)
  - Earth changes (from within)
  - What do you want to believe?

Dec 2008
- TED: Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke of insight
- Blissful nature (Smily extra)
- Universal Life Tools
- Implosion Group on Dan Winter's Fractal Physics + Bliss Science..Sacred Geometry & Physics Consciousness

Nov 2008
- Dan Winter: Source of Life Force
- Gregg Braden: The science of miracles
- Awakening from within []

Oct 2008
- Niburu: Onthullend en bewustmakend nieuws [] (Dutch)
- Nassim Haramein at the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library. 2003.
  - PART 1: 4 HRS
  - PART 2: 4 HRS

Sep 2008
- Drunvalo Melchizedek on the Mayan and Hopi prophecies
- Loose Change 2nd Edition Recut


Dec 2004
- Mystic Life: A guide to harmony for sensitive people


Aug 2004
- Why am I here?

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