The Awakening

Is the world going crazy?  Or are we all slowly waking up from a strange and surreal dream?
Perhaps the Galactic Sun is rising and we're experiencing the transition from a long Galactic Night to a new Galactic Day.
The bright light of the new day hurts our eyes, and we need time to adjust.

Perhaps this translates to experiencing a variety of most uncomfortable physical symptoms, and a radical shift in thinking.
Our perspective changes, the way we experience changes, as well as our main focus.
During this often painful transition, which is perhaps part of a growth experience, we may stumble upon helpful guidance along the way.

During my spiritual travels as a human being on Earth, I have come to remember my real history and my true purpose.
Some of the teachers and teachings that I've had the pleasure of discovering along this miraculous path, you can find below, all pointing in the same direction.
Since there are so many treasures to share, the list below is a small selection of what I have been given, yet I might find or create opportunities to add more later.

The Awakening Report Dec 2018 Ascension Community: A future vision of the ultimate Dream Community ( A vision I received in 2009, and wrote down in 2012 ) - The Tooth Report: A holistic approach to dealing with issues related to teeth, to the maximum extent possible (you may be surprised!) ( I created this list after years of research and dealing with various teeth and gum problems, including the removal of 2 wisdom teeth ) - See the Documents Index for the most recent version of the Tooth Healing Report document The Healing Cures List: Another holistic approach to dealing with physical issues in general, and again, to the maximum extent possible (you may be shocked!) ( Again, I created this list after years of research and dealing (and helping others) with various physical health issues, including Lyme disease and cancer ) - See the Documents Index for the most recent version of the Healing Cures List document One of my inspiring poems, this one from Apr 2012 ( Also accessible from the Documents Index ) - magic poem 2012-04-26a.txt Transmuting Transmissions: Inspiring messages from beyond the veil ( I felt inspired to create this blog to write some specific messages that moved me deeply and helped me feel complete and "at home" again ) - Our very own inspired online Meditations On-The-Go platform on Discord (free!) ( Including many resources and audio for meditation and to bring more light into our world. ) - ( We have found that doing regular meditations (or other inspired action) with unified and synchronized focus will help manifest our dreams! ) Nov 2018 .. May 2011 - < 621([]) more items coming up > Apr 2011 Cured: A Cannabis Story (A film by David Triplett) - ( fluorouracil = chemotherapy = genocide/suicide ) Essene Earth Blessing - Breatharian JERICHO GENESIS SUNFIRE - ( a nice way to save money :P ) A Practical Guide to ‘Free-Energy’ Devices (intro) - ( more: ) ( free e-book: ) How To Make Baking Soda Molasses Cancer Protocol Solutions - Drinking Baking Soda for Health | Improving Your Health - Message from Archangel Michael LM-4-2011 "THE FAST TRACK TO SELF-MASTERY" Transmitted Through Ronna Herman - * Jericho Sunfire: So You Think Going Breatharian Is Crazy Huh!? But... - You buy and smoke cigarettes even though it says "SMOKING KILLS" on the packet. - You drink alcohol even though it makes you drunk and unable to control yourself. - You eat food just for the taste with no concern for what it's doing to your body. - You think food is nutritious because it says so on the packet. - You go to a complete stranger to tell you exactly what to eat so you don't get fat. - You work hard to earn money to pay for your food only to shit it all down the toilet. - You think getting sick is normal. - You think having organs surgically removed is normal. - You think 40 is old age. - You spend money on foods that addict you and then complain about the 'Matrix'. - You feed your children the same foods that you know are unhealthy. - You think Vegan food is healthier than non-vegan food. - You won't eat dead animals for ethical reasons but you will eat living plants. - You eat food that has nothing to do with your body, then think it makes you strong. - You eat food and you think it gives you energy. - You eat man made food and you think it creates/gives life. - You have no issues with food addiction/obesity as long as you can keep it going. - You're happy to be turned into a depressed, lazy out of shape coach potato. I think I'll stick to Breatharianism thanks. Angaangaq: One Earth and one Race - A Gift From Saint Germain (through Awakening From Within) - Gregg Braden: vanish cancer tumor in 2 min 40 sec - Garrett: the beautiful truth (documentary) - ( a glimpse behind the 'scenes' ) includes many all-cures. Suzan Caroll & The Arcturians: Parallel Realities (part 2) - how the world (as we know it) came to be, in quite some detail. ( and how the shift will occur ) Mar 2011 DreamingBear: The Global Collective Dream Experiment - ( more : ) * Dr. Berg health tips 1.*2011*/2.February/11Barriers/1/1.mp4 2.*2011*/2.February/11Barriers/2/2.mp4 3.*2011*/2.February/11Barriers/3/3.mp4 4.*2011*/2.February/11Barriers/4/4.mp4 5.*2011*/2.February/11Barriers/5/5.mp4 6.*2011*/2.February/11Barriers/6/6.mp4 7.*2011*/2.February/11Barriers/7/7.mp4 8.*2011*/2.February/11Barriers/8/8.mp4 9.*2011*/2.February/11Barriers/9/9.mp4 10.*2011*/2.February/11Barriers/10/10.mp4 11.*2011*/2.February/11Barriers/11/11.mp4 amazing story - hippocampus - dehydrator - new body type system - Genesis - Land Of Confusion - ( revelations ) Frans: De vrije mens (blog): De vier 'kamers' van het huis mens - StarShip Capricorn (forum) news: Japan situation, Russia spaceship, playing the HAARP - from Matthew + Hatonn & friends Kryon (via Lee Carroll) "2011 and Beyond": What you are seeing, and why text version: - audio version: - Saul: Slow down the frenetic pace at which you live - Steve Rother & de groep: in je kracht staan - Barbara Cox: a personal glimpse from japan - Solara An-Ra: Divine Dispensations on Gaia NOW! Pleiadian Council through Solara An-Ra: March 2011 - Astrologer Salvador Russo Uranus in Aries: The Revolution of Consciousness - Jyoti: Miracles Manifest Now - ( i start with the bottom one, which is first ) More: - ( i pick one that appeals to me ) Lee Harris 2011: Year of Illumination - Kedar's photos HD - Authentic Heart - Selective attention (test) - how the pink elephant is hidden Carnibest - overzicht, introductie en achtergrond Mickey's Kingdom doggy webshop - aanraders: - carnibest (vleesmix bio, lam-mix) - glucobest zalmolie capsules - herbal pet (medicinaal) De visie van Frank Hoogerbeets - The 2012 scenario - Tony Wicks: dramatische veranderingen - wat is er bezig? - The two talking cats - Feb 2011 Henk Fransen: Activeer je zelfgenezend vermogen - Kate Spreckley & Celia Fenn: A Group of Twelve Light Beings Managing the New Energies & Relationships in the New Energy - # Example of implementation: - George Koemtzopoulos [] - Galactic channelings [] - How to protect yourself from Chem-trails and how to remove their harmful effects - Het Akashasysteem 1/3 - Kryon - Nederlands ondertiteld - In your eyes: feeling = seeing The eye of You Secret Document: Stille Wapens voor een Stille Oorlog - ( bron: ) Montague Keen - februari 13, 2011 - Kryon - Het ontwakend DNA - Sri Chinmoy - Here and Now - Gold Ring: Heaven Lives in the River of My Heart - Trinfinity8 ( commercial cure-all ) - Remember the word "Impossible" is really just "I'm possible" ( physical natural health exploration ) - Family Health Beauty Info [] ( physical natural health ) - Charles Eisenstein - "Living in the Gift" - Dolphin Dave Jimenez - Little Grandmother's Message for 2011 - Jan 2011 Marshall Rosenberg The Basics of Non Violent Communication 1.1 ( verbondenheid & geweldloze communicatie ) - ( meer! ) - 1/9 - Infinite Energy - But Not For The Masses - (revealed & explained) TEDxCharlotte 2010 - Randy Powell - Lilou Mace interviews Little Grandmother in Santa Fe (video) - ( the juicy living tour begins ) BODY LOVE MEDITATION with Jasmuheen - Matrix Energetics Introduction - New Earth Records - (moderne 'platenmaatschappij') Christmas Message From Ascended Master Saint Germain (through Awakening From Within) - Heyoka Ken Thornton: Message from Mother Earth (II) 2012 - - More: - Boris Purushottama Grebenshikov live in New York - Liora: World harmonics sound healing - Suzan Caroll: Algehele vergeving essentieel voor Ascentie - Believe In The Inner Master (Supreme Master Ching Hai lecture) - @ May 2010 - john hutchison @ youtube: a brief introduction - includes "the hutchison effect" (more videos available with full explanation) - Rex Research: suppressed, dormant, emerging unconventional alternative technologies - jesus of malibu - jesus of malibu (cinematic trailer) (for the heart) - jesus of malibu; 'behind the scenes' (warning: thought-provoking) @ Mar 2010 - Little Grandmother Kiesha Crowther - Return of the Ancestors Part 1 of 3 - Introduction on Vimeo - Return of the Ancestors - Part 2 - Healing the Earth, the Masculine and the Feminine on Vimeo - Return of the Ancestors - Part 3 - Prophecy and Teachings on Vimeo - 2010 with Shaman, Kiesha Crowther (1/2) - 2010 with Shaman, Kiesha Crowther (2/2) Dec 2010 .. Mar 2009 - < 126([]) more items coming up > Feb 2009 - Nick Vujicic, No Arms, No Legs, No Worries! (3 parts): awe inspiring - The Illusion of the Now - Jeshua: enlighting, insightful, soul connection - The Imzaia Movement - More videos - VirtualLight #6 Beacons of Light Feb 2009 - The End of Separation: soul connection, coming home - u can skip the first 5 mins - a 'new-age tainted'-intro - to go to the 'good stuff' instantly - Conscious Music Network features Bobby McFerrin: many examples of unbound music/voice (excerpts) - if u can't be arsed with previewing tracks, take a look at the bottom video for a nice improvisation Jan 2009 - Emmett Miller on Self Healing: about the system, reality, meditation, community, relationships, inner self, religion and more! - Saint Germain: Setting the Tone of Joy (Playlist: Part 1) - Center of the Soul: (Dutch) - Earth changes (from within) - What do you want to believe? Dec 2008 - TED: Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke of insight - Blissful nature (Smily extra) - Universal Life Tools [] - Implosion Group on Dan Winter's Fractal Physics + Bliss Science..Sacred Geometry & Physics Consciousness [] Nov 2008 - Dan Winter: Source of Life Force - Gregg Braden: The science of miracles - Awakening from within [] Oct 2008 - Niburu: Onthullend en bewustmakend nieuws [] (Dutch) - Nassim Haramein at the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library. 2003. - PART 1: 4 HRS - PART 2: 4 HRS Sep 2008 - Drunvalo Melchizedek on the Mayan and Hopi prophecies - Loose Change 2nd Edition Recut @ Dec 2004 - Mystic Life: A guide to harmony for sensitive people @ Aug 2004 - Why am I here?

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