Axial Product

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This is a mathematical wide-screen style presentation / demonstration.
One of those things I discovered by accident too often.
It shows the result of the X*Y equation, with absolutely stunning result!

Dive into the magical world between square and circular,
showing the power behind the creation of existence
and unraveling mysterious values such as Pi.

Sit back and relax, and become hypnotized by life's first spark of virtual infinity.
As if trying to explain the life cycle in a visual representation.
Although that can also be found here.

Download: Index
There are 2 versions available:
- Version 2: An optimized version of the original from 2003,
  where the perspective changes gradually.
- Version 4a: A newer version with spectacular twists in the perspective.
- Version 4b: Same as 4a, but with source and command line options (see below).
All versions contain the same soundtrack and a Windows executable.

Version 4b optional command line parameters:
- 32: Force 32-bit colordepth (default, smooth colorflow).
- 24: Force 24-bit colordepth (if required).
- 16: Force 16-bit colordepth (compatibility).
- 0: Autodetect colordepth.
- Select: Brings up a resolution selector, with all resolutions available on your primary videocard.
  Note: You need a turbo monster computer to run resolutions above 640x480.
Example: "Axial Product.EXE" Select

Created by Teasy
Copyright (C) 2007-2011
All rights reserved