What is life?

If you have seen a movie called The Matrix,
the following will seem familiar to you.

"It's the question that brought you here."
"The answer is out there. It's looking for you."
"It will find you, if you want it to."

What is the Matrix?

"The Matrix is everywhere, it is all around us, even now in this very room.
You can see it when you look out your window, or when you turn on your television.
You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes."

Actually this is not very different from our own world.
You can find all the answers you're looking for right in front of you.
It's your surroundings sending out signals to you.
Some call this God, but there are many names for it.
It's even in Star Wars: Feel the force you must.

So what is God?

You can actually mean 3 completely different things.

1) The most stereotypical is the illusion of the almighty man with the gray beard upstairs.

2) The second is what I refer to as the Magic Scrolls
which contain what was, what is and what will be.

3) And the last one is the equivalent of Buddha, Kami, etc.
which simply means being driven by your true self.

Note that translations and interpretations affect the original message.
For example, if you read a passage from the Bible, it may be distorted.
Instead of relying on the past, rely on the moment, rely on your true self.
Pointers can be found everywhere.

There is a dutch word, or actually 2 words put together,
called 'vanzelf' which means automatically. When you split these 2 words,
you get 'van' which means 'from', and 'zelf' which means 'self'.
So if you are yourself, everything goes automatically/naturally.

You can even call it instinct.
Don't think (too much), just do it (anything).

But what are these Magic Scrolls thingies anyway?

Everything inside the universe is connected in a way, directly or indirectly.
This is why everything affects each other, even when not moving.
There is no effect without cause and no cause without effect.
This is why, from an objective viewpoint, everything we do now
is directed by everything that lies in the past.

And because everything is truely unique (even electrons),
at the time of the Big Bang (even though time itself was spawned at that point)
there would have been a set pattern, or a universal seed if you will,
an outline for the universe itself, a single point everything is caused by.

And that's what I call the Magic Scrolls.
A symbol for the universal pattern or seed everything can be related to.
It doesn't mean a collection of scrolls I have in my safe.
Just as God doesn't mean the gray bearded dude :P
Some also call it Karma.

But if everything is set, do I still have choices?

Well you can still say 'dodo24 eats a banana'.
So there's plenty of choice, subjectively.
Think of it more like a comforting thought that everything is already set.
Like you're a real-life actor playing out your role,
even though you might not even know your role, just improvising.
So 'dodo24 eats a banana' HAS to be in the script! :)

But what's evil then? (The Devil, Satan, etc)

This can be a number of things again.

1) The illusion of your stereotype punisher when you do something wrong.
The bad man's coming to get youuu!

2) It can mean simply doing something with a strongly negative result.

3) Or a drug you are attached to that keeps you from finding your true self.

A drug?!

Some examples of drugs are sex, money, power,
status, rewards, alcohol, tobacco and even videogames.
Basically anything (even hate) can be a drug
if you're attached to it (addiction, obsession, etc).

But having sex, money or power doesn't necessarily mean it is a drug for YOU.
If you can easily say no to a drug, then it's NOT a drug :-)

What about hate?

Hate is like an eye for an eye, to get even with someone, vengeance.
It can also mean that if someone hits you, you hit back.
The sweetest form of revenge is forgiveness.
Fight hate with love, if you can.

What is love?

There is love in everything. I mean it! :)
Beings always do things with a positive intent.
For example jumping off a bridge. Or getting stoned.
You see the intentions here?

You're not jumping off a bridge because you like breaking your bones,
even though that's a possibility too :-)
You jump off a bridge because maybe your life is too painful.
You want to end the pain so you don't have to suffer.

Or getting stoned simply because you like the feeling.
Or maybe to ease another sort of pain,
maybe trying to forget bad things from the past.
Even if your favorite hobby is killing people,
willingly or unwillingly, the goal is satisfaction.

You can change the way you achieve satisfaction
when you know that true love comes from within.
If you have the guts, find your true self.

So what is my true self?

Although the only one who can answer this question is you,
you will find pointers to yourself everywhere, like a big roadmap.

When you have found yourself you will realize that your desires no longer matter.
You become part of reality, part of your surroundings.

And what is reality?

You are in reality when you have found your way.

My way?

There are actually 2 of those.

1) The path you walk on (past, present and future).

2) Your own way, from within, in harmony with yourself and your surroundings.
Being the way you are you, naturally.

I don't understand!

Most people are trying to understand everything.
Although you can connect everything through logic,
it's impossible to comprehend everything.

Actually there are multiple types of understanding.
The one I'm talking about is the one that has to find out,
the one that has to know, the one that needs to understand it, like a drug.

There's something called 'grijpgedrag' which means unnatural physical motion,
moving with spurts. If you move without sudden spurts,
you can move almost without effort, which is moving naturally.
The same goes for 'begrijpgedrag' which would mean the tendency to understand.
Or the NEED to understand, a common pattern of behavior
usually inherited during upbringing.

Ultimately, every definition contradicts itself.
If there are 2 things in everything (like positive and negative)
then the knife cut both ways. And if the knife indeed cuts both ways,
then there's no real point in trying to understand anyway :P

But how do I find my way?

Breathe. Take the space you need and learn how to use it best.

Learn to communicate with everything around you.
This includes your pet roaches AND your toothbrush.

Apply relativity:

° Everything is relative; put things in perspective.
If you have something that is too small or too big,
it can always be smaller or bigger. Think about it.

° Relativity means no limit.
Turn a negative thought into a positive one.
If you always think in a negative way,
even sarcasm could be your ticket out.
Negative -> Sarcasm -> Redicule -> Humor -> Love.

° Besides, things can always get worse :-)
For example when you're eating something that doesn't taste good,
think about people who can't afford any food.
Although this example may seem a little extreme :)

° There's a positive in every negative.
And in the same way there's a negative in every positive.
Even if you have reached the highest level, height or degree,
you can always go higher, so there's no real point.
Just like a number can be infinitely big and infinitely small.

° It can always get better.
By simply changing the way you think, changing your state of mind,
you can be happy with the things you encounter.
Be happy with less.

Avoid putting labels on people, stereotype-thinking.
Putting people in boxes. A prison for your mind.
Think about stereotypes like nerd and dumb blond.
But also male and female. Even human and animal.
This goes as far as you want :)

There is no such thing as 'a group of people'.
It is an illusion. There is only the individual.

Take nothing for granted.
Life is a privilege, not an obligation.

Don't take my word for it (or anybody else's).
Just make up your own damn mind ;)

Some say seeing is believing.
But also believing is seeing.

Teach by example, not by force.
Show people something. Don't force them to it.

Don't worry too much. Some people worry enough for the whole planet.
Worries come from fear.

Find ways to be inspired, to help yourself.
Once you can help yourself, you can help others.

Do things one step at a time.
Don't rush if you get wild hair.

Try looking for simplicity, not complexity.
Make things simple. Go easy on yourself.

Seize the moment. Because you never know when it's too late.

Making mistakes is okay, but not making isn't.

Create opportunity. You can do anything on any point in time.

There is positive and negative in everything.
But too much positive can lead to negative and vise versa.

Try staying within the boundaries of the universe.
There's too much on our planet alone for a single life.

Explore. Experience. Enjoy! =)

Let go of fear, doubt and disbelief.
Free your mind.

Play smart, not hard.

Live from your heart.

Don't be affraid. Fear leads to hate.

Use your body in any way you see fit.
You have one, right? Please do have fun with it :)

You are the projection of an image in your mind.
Change the way you think and feel about yourself and you will change.

Embrace life by setting it free.
Shed your fear of loss.
Now you are free.


Created by Chance