New additions and changes (to this website):

Aug 2012
- Added many things to music page
- Added videos and index to and enhanced EasyBunny page
- Expanded various Blitz pages
- Created libraries page, packages and documents (Blitz)
- Added items to and enhanced software page
- Updated highlights page

Jul 2012
- Uploaded new version of Terra Colony

Jun 2012
- Updated contact info page

Jan 2012
- Uploaded new versions of Project Z: One and X-NON
- Updated Project Z: One, Project Z: Two and X-NON related pages
- Moved UltraBlitz link to Introduction section in T-C's Blitz Tutorials

Oct 2011
- Uploaded new version of Project Z: Two
- Expanded and formatted the Awakening Report

Sep 2011
- Uploaded new version of Terra Colony

Aug 2011
- Uploaded new versions of Futurity

Jun 2011
- Removed forum due to spam

Feb 2011
- Expanded awakening report
- High quality version of Yosemite
- New computer interface page
- New website info page
- New personal page
- New Awakening Report page
- New Futurity page
- New File Fighter page
- New EditLog (this page)
- Enriched, revised and updated T-C's Blitz tutorials page
- Fresh StarGlider page and new music
- New Axial Product video

Jan 2011
- Convenient error pages
- Detailed info on Robotix page
- Rich and expanded software page
- New Robotix videos
- New Robotix version with various improvements
- Fresh UltraBlitz information
- New Teasy's picks page
- Rich welcome page
- New email webform
- Fresh contact information
- Rich Unreal Tournament page
- Rich music page

Dec 2010
- New Tracker Module Information tool

Oct 2010
- New version of SpaceDock to work on modern monitor setups


Jan 2010
- New: compiled version of HangarCity (UT)