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Below you can find the (incomplete) history of changes made to this specific website, which I might update or add to in the future.

New additions and changes (to this website): Dec 2018 - Added references to new blogs (on various pages) - Website elements that are significantly updated: - The Awakening (report) - Website news - Documents page & index - Contact page - Main page - Blitz Library page (fixed) - Computers page (fixed) - Fixed SoundCloud embedded music player on the Music page Nov 2018 .. Sep 2012 - Various small changes here and there Aug 2012 - Added many things to music page - Added videos and index to and enhanced EasyBunny page - Expanded various Blitz pages - Created libraries page, packages and documents (Blitz) - Added items to and enhanced software page - Updated highlights page Jul 2012 - Uploaded new version of Terra Colony Jun 2012 - Updated contact info page Jan 2012 - Uploaded new versions of Project Z: One and X-NON - Updated Project Z: One, Project Z: Two and X-NON related pages - Moved UltraBlitz link to Introduction section in T-C's Blitz Tutorials Oct 2011 - Uploaded new version of Project Z: Two - Expanded and formatted the Awakening Report Sep 2011 - Uploaded new version of Terra Colony Aug 2011 - Uploaded new versions of Futurity Jun 2011 - Removed forum due to spam Feb 2011 - Expanded awakening report - High quality version of Yosemite - New computer interface page - New website info page - New personal page - New Awakening Report page - New Futurity page - New File Fighter page - New EditLog (this page) - Enriched, revised and updated T-C's Blitz tutorials page - Fresh StarGlider page and new music - New Axial Product video Jan 2011 - Convenient error pages - Detailed info on Robotix page - Rich and expanded software page - New Robotix videos - New Robotix version with various improvements - Fresh UltraBlitz information - New Teasy's picks page - Rich welcome page - New email webform - Fresh contact information - Rich Unreal Tournament page - Rich music page Dec 2010 - New Tracker Module Information tool Oct 2010 - New version of SpaceDock to work on modern monitor setups @ Jan 2010 - New: compiled version of HangarCity (UT) @