You can find what I'm currently working on my Teasy News blog!

Easy Bunny (More maps)
Undoubtedly the largest and most complex Unreal Tournament map ever built,
in which many amazing worlds can be explored and experienced.

TheChange - Freedom - Space (More music)
I have uploaded some of my music on YouTube for your listening pleasure.
This one playfully pierces the veil of duality, and unravels the infinite splendor of the Galaxy!

Axial Product (More demos)
A mesmerizing demonstration program,
showing the magical relationship between square and circular,
carried by a strong soundtrack.

The making of X-NON (More tutorials, code and resources)
One of my most elaborate (game) programming tutorials written,
suitable for both inexperienced and experienced coders.

DOSIMU (More software)
One of my customizable simulator programs,
to make seemingly impossible scenarios come to life
- in a virtual environment.

File Fighter (More games)
Delete files from your (hard)disk by shooting it to pieces in a video game!
A unique way to spice up your file management experience.

Why am I here? (Some more documents)
Have you ever wondered what remains
when you step from the dream world into the 'real' world?