Here's a random selection of a few of my compositions for your listening pleasure
I have thousands (!) more tracks in various flavors, but please ask me if you want more
Or, if you're looking for something specific, I might actually already have it

Just for kicks, I have created a complete listing of (most of) my tracks using one of my nifty programs to make this easier.
If you desire take a glance upon this list, please take a look at this index to find the latest version.
And if you find a title in the list below that appeals to you, feel free to ask more about it.

Visualized tracks

The following tracks are accompanied by artwork that matches the vibration of the music.

Collage by Teasy Theme from Terra Colony [2003]

This is one of my tracks for one of my games called Terra Colony, with an immensely starsome vibration.

Started in 2003.
Completed in 2005.

Axial Product [2003]

This is one of my visual demos from 2003 called 'Axial Product'.
It includes one of my tracks from 2004 called 'One with the universe'.

Sit back and relax, and become hypnotized by life's first spark of virtual infinity.
As if trying to explain the life cycle in a visual representation.
The city by Lucas Zoltowski Ride the energy [2008]

High-motion track with a truely digital sound in the order of Rhythm & Synth.

Started and completed in 2008.

The city; artwork by Lucas Zoltowski.
Yosemite valley by john1701a Teasy's Yosemite [2008]

Actually a 'cover' of the beautiful Yosemite Afternoon, completely new-age-ified and very open for use in meditation.

Started and completed in 2008.

- Looped version: Medium quality, 440Hz
- Smooth version: High quality, 432Hz

Yosemite valley; photography by john1701a.
Project Eastern [2012]

In October 2012 I received a very specific dream vision on which this movie is based.
This movie is intended for integrating a specific vibration by simply allowing yourself to experience it openly.

The dream vision appeared when certain energetic transmissions were released in October 2012,
and when the movie was finished in August 2013, these energies seem to be have been anchored fully.

See the video description on YouTube for more information.
T'easy Love - Sunny ride [2012]

This sound comes from the celebration of the new unescapable vibrations.
Related to a dream vision from 2012, where real (meaningful) work gets done and playfulness is everywhere.


During a specific period in this life, which I call 'The Change', I received one of my most dearly loved energy transmissions, that I've translated into music, under the collection name of Freedom.
I occasionally create a video out of a visualized track, so for these special tracks I considered it worth the effort.

TheChange - Freedom - BreakThrough

This is track 1 of my album called Freedom.
Originally created in 1999.

TheChange - Freedom - Forever

This is track 2 of my album called Freedom.
Originally created in 1999.

TheChange - Freedom - Free

This is track 3 of my album called Freedom.
Originally created in 1999.

TheChange - Freedom - Freedom

This is track 4 of my album called Freedom.
Originally created in 1999.

- TheChange - Freedom - Borderland (Track 5)
- TheChange - Freedom - TerraForming (Track 6)
TheChange - Freedom - Space

This is track 7 of my album called Freedom.
Originally created in 1999.

- TheChange - Freedom - Conclusion (Track 8)


Vitality collection

- ParaMedic [1998, 1:12 x2]
TheChange - Samaritan! (1998) - rec 2012-07-15a

Portal to the ways of the true samaritan.
TheChange - iString2 (2001) - rec 2012-07-15a

Pure musical energy or DNA activation.
- Sparkly [2001, 3:12]

Euphoria collection

- Spawn [2002]
- Salvation (Purity 3) [2002]
- Special [2003]
- Magic8or [2004]
- One Magic [2005]

Oblivion collection

- Flowers [1998]
- Relax [1999]
- Phydrax (sweet) [2002]
- One with nature (flower) [2004]

Saga collection

- Relic [2002, 1:52]
- PLUC: Melancholious [2004]
- Myst [2004, 4:04]
- KSLAP: Medieval (ks_med) [2005, 4:28]

Mystery collection

- Magic TuKaYe: The Next Generation [2000]

Adventure collection
Space walker [2012]

First contact & the space parade:
Inner desires of the first kind.
Adrenaline collection

- VitaMine [1998]
Sovereign (Souphuryn) [1998]

Original created on: 1998-06-09
Recorded on: 2012-10-19 (compo 1)
- Direct [2000]
- Pyramid cyber mix [2000]
- Speed [2002]
Activation (ambumix track 2) - rec 2012-10-20a - hicomp fade [2011]

High speed bonus track from the AmbuMix (2011).
Feel the atmospheric changes sweeping into place.
Teasy - Rider - rec 2012-10-20a - midcomp fade [2012]

This track probably resembles some of the late 80s style music.
Can be used to invoke some serious energy boost.
Created in 2012 using Schism (Impulse) Tracker.
Project Eastern - End titles [2013]

Recording date: 2013-03-14
Raw title: Shine (Pattern 66)
- Movie link
Archon collection

Spiritual Industries [1996]
Semperfi [2000]
Nature attack [2000]

Ambient collection

- Channels [2000]

Delight [2004]

- Delight part 1 (prelude) -> Delight \ Initiation
TheChange - Delight \ Hollow (2004) - rec 08 oct 2010

Enter the caves that lead to Hollow Earth.
- Delight part 2 conversion 1 -> Delight \ Passage
- Tickling conversion 1 -> Delight \ Tingles


- 1375 (IETS) [2002]
- Engage [2007]
- Reptile in Jamaica [2010]

Game soundtracks

Terra Colony

- Drifting (In Space)
- Terra Colony (Theme)
- Cyclone
- Imperial Frontier


1. Main theme (Track 1: C8A1)
2. Sweep (Track 4: C8D1)
3. Convergence (Track 3: C8C2)
-. Intermezzo (C8B1-P26)


- Intro
- Shop
- Debrief


- Blasted intro (chiptune)
- Blasted ending (chiptune)
- Jumpy theme


- Gravity force
- Gravity flow
+ Industrial force

Project Z: One

- Main theme

Project Z: Two

- Main theme (chiptune)
+ Part 1 (chiptune)
+ Part 2 (chiptune)

    "-" means natively included
    "+" means extra/bonus but not originally included

State of the art

This was quite a revolutionary game project, involving quite a number of remarkable people.
Even though this project came a long way, unfortunately it never reached the finish line.
For this project I produced a selection of professional sounding tracks which I considered to be my best work at that time.
The theme is what I would call 'industrial transition', not to be confused with music industry programming

- Industrial Transition [2002]
- Opening [2003]
- Invaders [2003]
- Menu theme [2003]
+ CompuJam [1995] (this track was temporarily in the game)

SoundCloud tracks

I've shared some more tracks over on SoundCloud for some reason,
which unfortunately does not natively support looping at this moment (Jul 2012).

TheChange - Dome \ Expedition (2003) - rec 2012-01-24 fade

"Pleasure dome" meets "Another one bites the dust".
- Looping version
Skaven - Rama gardens (1993) - remox by Teasy - fade

Remix + Cover = Remox
- Looping version
Teasy - Free(wo)men \ River of love (2008) - rec 21 nov 2008

Are you ready? Then
Come to the river of
love with me...
..come with me {female chorus}

Yay Yeah..

Guitar demo tracks

Here is a small grab of (portions of) tracks featuring guitars or guitar-like sounds.

Industrial Transition - for project "State Of The Art"
-     Fragment 1: MP3 OGG
-     Fragment 2: MP3 OGG

Project "BaId": Happy Birthday (extra tracks)
-     Fragment: MP3 OGG

Branque - track from Harlequin (The Clock Tower) transformed & transcended
-     Fragment: MP3 OGG

Engage - Teasy & SagaMusix collaboration
-     Fragment: MP3 OGG

Industrial Force - 2nd tune for X-NON
-     Fragment 1: MP3 OGG
-     Fragment 2: MP3 OGG

Invaders - for project "State Of The Art"
-     Fragment: MP3 OGG

The walking man - melody from The Running Man (Revolution) transcended
-     Fragment: MP3 OGG

Magicator (guitar concept)
-     Fragment: MP3 OGG

Opening - for project "State Of The Art"
-     Fragment: MP3 OGG

-     Demo: MP3 OGG

-     Fragment: MP3 OGG

Ride the energy
-     Fragment: MP3 OGG

Project "Simple Nice"
-     Fragment: MP3 OGG

Sparkly II - slower, studio edition
-     Fragment: MP3 OGG

-     Demo: MP3 OGG

Way out - 4th revision
-     Fragment: MP3 OGG

Technical information

Most of my tracks I create using 'tracker software'.

1995-1997: Scream Tracker (legacy)
1997-2007: Impulse Tracker (legacy)
2007-2012: Schism Tracker (common, current)
2005-2012: Renoise (rarely, current)

Impulse Tracker: Official website
Schism Tracker: Official website
I am using an older version of Schism Tracker, due to it being more stable and having some more features that I adore.
I have created a special place for the Windows version here: Index

Teasy - Levitate (2003)

One of my tracks from 2003, presented through the program (Schism Tracker) that I most commonly use nowadays for the creation of my music.
For some reason this music reminds me of the old Mario videogame tunes.

Beneficent references

See YouTube videos for more related sources.

Created by Teasy
All universal rights honored and affirmed.