Project Z: One

- Quick & play

Improvements (2nd edition):
- Convenience package

Originally intended as a simple and short game tutorial
especially written to give a good example of:
- 2D-motion (vectors)
- images created at run-time
- variable game-flow and control
- simple random handling
- variable collection handling
- simple artificial intelligence
- score and difficulty handling
- simple heads-up display
- simple collision detection
- keyboard and mouse control

This game comes in various flavors,
the original being simply a single source code file.

Download option 1: 'convenience package'
- Download index

If you just want to play the game, grab this version;
having major improvements over the original,
such as added sound effects and music,
higher visual intensity (special effect)
and changes in gameplay and opponents.

The package contains a (Windows) executable,
library (music), audio files and contact info.

Download option 2: 'quick & play' source
- Project Z: One (Tutorial).BB (40,007 bytes)
BlitzBasic sourcecode of the tutorial version (for reading)
- Project Z: One (Optimized).BB (44,091 bytes)
BlitzBasic sourcecode of the optimized version (for gameplay)

You can use the Blitz 2D Demo to open and run the BlitzBasic source code files.
The demo is fully functional, except for generating Windows executables.

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