Project Z: Two

- Quick & play

Improvements (Extreme edition):
- Convenience package

Originally an advanced and in-depth game tutorial with many cool features,
such as:
- smooth space physics
- scrolling multi-layered stars
- simple game menus
- dynamic heads-up display
- variable levels and difficulties
- special rotated rendered images
- simple sound and channel handling
- color fading using patterns
- RGB color handling
- customized text routines
- frame limiting
- intermediate collision detection
- separated code construction
- advanced game-flow
- multi-level control states
- sequence handling
- intermediate A.I.
- embedded media
- variable game speed
- advanced timing techniques
- virtual screen-edge wrapping
- screen-edge wrap collisions
- intermediate random handling
- and various other tricks

Like Project Z: One,
this game is originally built as a single source code file
with everything directly included.

Download option 1: 'convenience package'
- Download index

Grab this version if you just want to play the game;
it also has some improvements over the original,
such as improved compatibility, optimizations
as well as visual and audial improvements.

Contains a Windows executable (extreme edition),
library (music) and source code (tutorial).

Download option 2: 'quick & play' source
- Project Z: Two.BB (1,097KB)

Download this if you want to learn about game coding;
it is the original tutorialized source code.

Please take full advantage of the Blitz 2D Demo
to open, read and run the BlitzBasic source code file.
The demo is fully functional, except for generating Windows executables.

- Archived BlitzCoder showcase
- Original files on GeoCities (Archived mirror)
- BlitzCoder showcase

Created by Teasy
Copyright (C) 2007
All rights reserved