Level 1: Prison Escape

Level 7: Infiltration (high speed)

Level 6: Roque Takeout (scenic route)

Level 6: Roque Takeout (high speed)


Level 2

Level 6 (Glider)

Level 6 (Lander)

Level 5 (Compact HUD)

Robotix is a 2D (sideview) multi-directional/platform space (robot) shooter
which has a number of vehicles, controlled by keyboard,
and a number of weapons, controlled by mouse.

There's a wide variety of missions, guided by a storyline,
primarily focussing on blasting anything that can be blasted
Including enemies, structures, bases, etc, all in explosive quantities.
And ofcourse goodies to pick up along the way.

All of the music, sounds, code, storyline and graphics are homemade,
and a lot of special effects are also included for your pleasure

See further below for more detailed game information and secrets!


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You are Walker model VX-229B(SA),
a very intelligent robotic lifeform, with an adaptive mindset to act upon possible emergencies,
originally assigned to supervising generator maintenance on various large ships and stations.

You can take advantage of all the vehicles listed below.

This is a rudimentary Lander model originally intended for use in only the most basic tasks.

With some minor modifications to the vehicle, 1 of the following weapons can be fitted.
Pickup item Weapon type Visual display
Standard Turret
High Velocity Turret
Twin Cannon
High Velocity Twin Cannon
Rocket Launcher (integrated)
RC (Remote) Rocket Launcher (integrated)

Combat vehicle commonly used by humanoids,
Sometimes referred to as The flying tank packing a lot of firepower.
Pickup item Weapon type Visual display
Salvo Turret
High Velocity Salvo Turret

All-purpose assault vehicle
with multi-weapon capability and hull elasticity properties.
Pickup item Weapon type Visual display
(on board) High Velocity Cannon (integrated)

Generator repulsor vehicle
often used to collect and transmit generator input through channels and gateways.

Pickup items:

Repair Kit
Easily fix any vehicle damage using the zero-point flux-capacitor.
Restore energy levels quickly with components released by forced interfacing:
Static Interference Component
Dynamic Interference Component


Cudo Generator
These generators stream pure and unrefined minerals positively affecting your health.

Magnae Generator
Generators with a streamless current which can damage your bio-electro-dynamic circuits when nearby.

Chemique Generator
Alternating streamless current generator with a massive orgone threshold - Approach with caution!

Roque Generator
Harmless to your health yet capable of powering massive space stations using co-reactive fusion.

Bases & Enemies:

I'll leave these up to you to explore!
There are many!

Game help information:
Vehicle Controls
Mouse                Weapons control
Arrows or W/S/A/D    Vehicle control
Enter                Respawn when dead
Delete               Self-destruct
Game Controls
F1       Show this help in game
Space    Start next level (when mission complete)
Enter    Restart current level (when you're in pieces)
F10      Restart current level
F12      Restart from level 1
Esc      Exit game

F4       Toggle game speed; Normal/Fast/Turbo
M        Pause/resume music
Interface Controls
F5       Recall last message

Tab      Show enemy/time info
F8       Toggle enemy/time info
F9       Toggle healthbar size

F6       Toggle mini-map
F7       Toggle near-object info
Shift    Change near-object type
Also Important
The storyline and in-game messages contain important information that will greatly help you on your way.

The game is auto-saved to a file called LastLevel.TXT after each level, which contains the number of the last level you started on.

If your computer can't handle higher speeds, the game automatically gears down.

You can also play for the level completion time records!

If you manage to complete all levels, some secrets will be revealed

Two people can play Robotix simultaneously (1 on mouse, 1 on keyboard) which is a lot of fun!
Cut-scene Scroller Controls
Up/Down     Scroll in direction
Left        Disable auto-scroll
Right       Enable auto-scroll
Minimum System Requirements
Windows       98 Second Edition
Processor     500 MHz Pentium 3
Graphics      Standard 8 MB video card from 1998 or later
Minimum Recommended System
Windows       98 Second Edition or 2000 Professional
Processor     1 GHz Pentium 3
Graphics      16 MB video card with GPU from 1999 or later
Technical Game Controls
F2       Toggle maximized window
F3       Toggle video sync

Changing to windowed mode:

When you start the game and see the first help screen, press Enter to run in fullscreen normally.
Or you can press F10 if you want to keep running in windowed mode instead.

Introduction storyline (Level 1):

26 December 3640, 0934 hours
174th Earth Colony

Long after the spawning of self-aware robots, an independent robotic force is out to claim all energy sources as their own, forcing all energy needing beings, including a species known as humans, to give their lives in exchange for energy.

The Federation have been trying to stop this force, the Independent Robotic AXis (I.R.A.X.), from harvesting energy for decades, as they pose a great threat.

You, Walker model VX-229B(SA), are a member of the Self-Aware Robotic Alliance (S.A.R.A.), a very intelligent and completely robotic department of the Federation.

After many years of supervising generator maintenance on various ships, your current station, SpaceCraft model UNX71(ET), has come in direct contact with I.R.A.X. forces.

Your host spaceship was taken over with little resistence, and various enemy forces were deployed to secure the objective. You, as well as your fellow caretakers, who do not have your adaptive mindset to act upon possible emergencies, were retained in vacant energy chambers.

Alliance vessels were called upon, equiped with large laser beams, in an attempt to free your station from captivity.   Most of the enemy forces were destroyed, but your rescuers have come under heavy fire and can no longer stay around to help you out.

Severe damage was also caused to the station itself, which enables you to escape, find an assault vehicle, take control of its firepower, eliminate the enemy invasion still present, and free your station.

Various generators in your host ship were converted to a type that can't be converted back.   Therefore these have to be destroyed as well before station regeneration can begin.

Your station's fate is within your own hands.


Classified vehicles:
Bloque Used for mass-destruction and out-maneuvering high-speed targets.
Transport Vehicle with non-solid properties for quick transportation across great distances.

Classified weapons:
Beam ray Energy stream with a high flow-rate.
Block busters Take out entire construction-clusters.
Star blaster Set a destruction cascade in motion.
Lazer Infinite penetration capability (instant kill).


Levels included in episode 1:
Level 1 Prison Escape
Level 2 Hostile Takeover
Level 3 Magnae Takeout
Level 4 Maze Of Destruction
Level 5 Gauntlet Assault
Level 6 Roque Takeout
Level 7 Infiltration
Level 8 Captured!
Level 9 Channels
Level 10 Arena

Some levels intended for episode 2:
Gauntlet Run
Welcome Home

Created by Teasy
Copyright (C) 2007-2011
All rights reserved