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  Tools :  Programs for everyday use
Demo tools :  Interactive (small) programs demonstrating specific features
Tests :  Diagnostic tests, checks and benchmarks
Demos :  Interactive and non-interactive visual or other tentalizing demonstrations
Demo games :  Small playable games demonstrating specific features
Games :  Full-fledged games with stevia on top

If you see a title that appeals to you, which is currently not online yet, please feel free to leave me a message

Tools: Programs for everyday use
  DOSIMU - Customizable DOS Simulator using scripts
QuickDoodle - Draw together/simultaneously with someone via network/internet
DeskyNet - Exchange text from clipboard with someone via network/internet
NetXfer - Exchange files via network/internet (also from computers behind protection barriers)
Wave Mate - Create waveforms using mouse
Wave Mate Construction Kit - Create waveforms using Blitz code
Tracker module catalog - Analyze and categorize the (detailed) contents your entire IT (and S3M) music collection
Tracker module instrument info - Export IT instrument infos to find out which instruments are used in which patterns
Tracker module pattern info - Export IT module title, speed/tempo, orderlist, pattern data, instruments, channel vol/pan
Tracker module player - Visualize the playback of an IT module with full pattern info, stereo VUs & spectrum analyzers
Spaces to tabs - Intelligently convert spaces to tabs in text-files (customizable) - Shell environment
TCopy - Thoroughly and/or interactively copy files from an unreadable medium
FileCommand - Low-level binary file modification shell
FileCopyMan - Selectively copy parts of one file to another (command-line and shell)
File clipper - Copy, trim or resize (shink/expand) any (binary) part of a file
FileMerger - Merge and sort any number of (binary) files
Seeker - Quick binary file (hex) reader which does NOT read the entire file into memory
FileDataGrapher - Visually analyze (parts of) binary files quickly using color graphs
FileCopy32 - Perform large buffer file copy operations (with debug report)
FileMonitor - Display and refresh a file's contents on interval - good for remote systems
FileRenamer - Versatile bulk file renaming utility
CoolPad - Simple text editor which remembers foreground/background colors - NotePad replacement
PhySort - Physically sort the contents of folders for modern Windows versions
Quick WinAmp file finder - Quick-search specific folders for your query (Windows file search replacement)
DirSizeMapper - Identify the relative size difference between folders (including their subfolders)
DiskSizeMonitor - Monitor free space on a volume in realtime (customizable)
DiskSizeViewer - Show status & sizes of all volumes at a glance in realtime
MassRunner - Customizable program runner with incremental parameter specification
MultiClip - Quickly copy and paste text snippets
Timer - Rapid 'egg-timer' with custom sound - type '1000' for 10 minutes
Packet Control - Manually create TCP/UDP connections with any location (and port)
Blank screen saver replacement - A customizable stainless version to cooperate well in your working environment
Monitor color sync - Run two of these side by side to easily adjust different computer monitor color levels
M3U missing file search - Automatically find and fix the new location of moved files in your M3U audio playlists
FileDir text renamer - Rename files easily by editing a directory listing in a text editor
Email threader - Make long email conversations (with continuous reply threads) easy to manage - Text editor
Cache files - Attempt to (pre)cache all of the folders or files specified in a file - to speed up specific disk access
Where UT - Grab the current server location from the logfile when you're playing Unreal Tournament and write it to file
Text cleaner - Cut everything after a given match from all files in a specific folder-structure
SinePlay - Play background sine(s) at specific frequencies
FrequencyPlay - Sample player and mixer
Binary word scanner - Search for *unspecific* words in a binary file - with report file
Binary extract - Search for head/tail segments of resources to extract from a binary file
Time table outliner - Turn an event list into a graphical display for daily (or nightly) time planning
AnimImage layout changer - Change the layout of an 'animstrip' to a specific width/height
TimerTwo - Like timer, but with more customizability (change volume, sound and preview)
TrackMixPlayer - An advanced playlist audio player (Why DJ when you can use scripts)
Blitz library documentation generator - Intelligently convert well-commented library code to HTML - with customizable output
Playlist organizer - Conveniently organize multiple playlists simultaneously with support for intelligently finding missing files
Kytarix - Network/internet multi-user multi-document (line-shared!) text editor with integrated doodle (paint)
Picture marker - Quickly browse and mark (rename) bulk amounts of pictures (fullscreen)
Link converter A - Automatically convert hyperlinks in current clipboard text
Mass hyperlink maker - Turn 'PageTitle+URI/URL' formatted text (on the clipboard) into hyperlink files
ScreenTools - Various tools to (temporarily) turn the monitor into a customizable lamp
FineTone player - Simple (monophonic) version of a Haken Continuum music keyboard
File mover helper - Subtle-interactive automatic file mover program (for example to keep the desktop clean)
Text transformer - Featuring capitalizer, acronymizer, charspicer (also *links) and smilyzer (mIRC-script port)
QueryDrop - Quickly organize files by dropping them onto customizable indexed folder search results by query.

Demo tools: Interactive (small) programs demonstrating specific features
  Enhanced Programming Environment (EPE) - Featuring ADE & CCE - Universal IDE replacement
Window snap no overlap - Highly user-friendly and versatile window system - Windows interface replacement

Tests: Diagnostic tests, checks and benchmarks
  Memory item allocation test -
Teasy's disk write test -
Teasy's system memory test -
Teasy's video memory test -
Video benchmark -
Memory benchmark -
Disk benchmark -
Sprites benchmark -
2D/3D scale & rotate - Basic video benchmark
Game compatibility check -
3D compatibility test -
Video stress test -
System stress test -
Video check - Resolution compatibility tests
Cometoids -
Video crasher - (Attempt to) crash the video system by reaching out for its memory constraints

Demos: Interactive and non-interactive visual or other tentalizing demonstrations
  Axial Product - Shows the magical world between square and circular - Includes soundtrack
Big Bang: Full demo -
Big Bang: It lives! -
Balls 3D -
Rotating chars -
CoolClock - Modern way of reading a clock
Starfield travel: Heavy -
Starfield travel: Light -
TunnelBlobs -
Zen matrix - Watch peaceful hypnotic zen patterns unfold and transform
CodeX - 3D visualization of (un)usual shapes - A math dream
80x50 - Eighty by fifty (MS-DOS application) - Includes soundtrack

Demo games: Playable (small) games demonstrating specific features
  SpaceDock - Playable tech-demo for docking with a station in space
SpaceFlight - Demonstration of a (static) multi-component multi-layered input-conditioned spaceship
BugShake - Free the bug!
Plutos 2 -
Destroyer -
Shoot -
DuneShip -
Font Wars -
ShipChaser -
Project FreighterWeight - Highspeed interplanetary bulk storage browser
2D Space Demo - Space navigation with HUD and gravity - My first decent finished Blitz test
Boxed - Capture the balls
Tetris - Full tetris within 100 lines of code

Games: Full-fledged games with stevia on top
  Jumpy - Interesting one-button game (with source & secrets)
Project Z: One - Blitz 2D game tutorial: The basics in action (with source & secrets)
Project Z: Two - Blitz 2D game tutorial: Advanced asteroids (with source, secrets & many features)
X-NON - 1/2-player split screen 2D space shooter with computer players, destructable terrain and gravity
Terra Colony (Mini Gravity Well) - 2D (top view) space combat, exploration and colonization
Robotix - 2D (sideview) multi-directional & platform space (robot) action adventure shooter (Episode 1)
Futurity - Remember the future - 2D (top-down) multi-directional space action adventure shooter
File Fighter - Delete a file by blasting it to pieces in a shoot'em up - Shell integration + original levels
StarZone - A clone (2D top-down shooter) for getting your energy out or "one man vs an army"!
SuperCardz - Multiple modern (hybrid) card games, like very modern poker with expanded combinations and decks
SimpleCity - Simple and addictive city simulator
TypeKill - Crush characters for credits - Shoot'em up
Course - Realtime (fast) buy/sell shares (market index) simulator - Intuition training
Key tap contest - Test your highest single keypress repetition speed
Puzzy one - Turn-based puzzle game where you expand your zone - For 2 players (or play vs yourself)
Freeling - A simple realtime text-mode action adventure
StickRaider -
Breakin - Intricate Arkanoid construction kit
Earth protector - Radial (hybrid) shoot'em up
Component wars -
TeraType (X) - Dynamic-damage 2D realtime 'asteroid sweeper'
Dirty - Simple realtime strategy game with dirt as resource; 'credits' and ammo
Item Bandit - Eliminate dozens of targets with dozens of weapons - 2D maze shooter (MS-DOS port)
(U)nknown - Build, control and fly craft (with components/inventory) in an interactive material/energy worldspace
PlatMan - 2D platform action/puzzle shooter with dynamic view & gravity-rotation
AddictaBall 2 - 1 or 2-player simultaneous head-to-head Arkanoid/breakout shooter, very advanced version of AddictaBall
TextModeBattle - Top-down textmode action/exploration shooter (MS-DOS)

Colors represent the completion status:

  Grey ( concept ) :  Detailed idea/design.
  Red ( pre-alpha ) :  Separate components.
  Orange ( alpha ) :  Runnable components.
  Yellow ( beta ) :  Some components missing.
  Green ( ready ) :  Full set.

If there is no description, you can contact me and/or use your imagination in the meantime
Also, logically actually, the list you see above is unfortunately a fraction of the software that I have created,
so if you are looking for something specific that is not on this list, I may actually already have it

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