Hi there!

My birthname is Edwin in this lifetime, and I'd like to share some personal things with you on this page.
As a person, I have experienced an awakening in the year of 2008, remembering who I am in truth.
Ever since, I'm constantly reminding myself, and being reminded of this in my daily life.

I'm now allowing more of the Real Me to shine through freely.
Having experienced a deep trance of darkness, I see that my true light is expanding in every part of my life.
Everything around me is directly affected, which you may also see on this website.

I've tried to list my talents, and the things I like the most, but I gave up because it's just too much!
At the moment I'm expanding my full being, to let it flow into my physical reality.
Where all of my ideas, presence and dreams are coming to fruition.

I hope that you enjoy visiting and exploring this website,
and that you may find something that enriches your being in the highest possible way

In love forever,



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