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Terra Colony was formerly known as Mini Gravity Well. This (Windows) game is a variation of Gravity Well in which you fly your ship to various celestial bodies for the pure enjoyment of exploring various features of the universe as well as colonizing other moons and planets. Note: all the 'enemies' in this game are currently occupying another universe The main reasons for this game's creation are: 1) Very smooth spaceflight 2) Limitless expansion of unique features 3) Open-source community project (open for all) 4) Free for all! At the moment I desire to create a more 'mellow version' of this project in real life: GFL. If you wish to help furthering this project in virtual reality, please contact me if you wish to help with this project If you are eager about receiving more information or want to check out a version not uploaded here, let me know
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Jul 2012 - i've added a launcher and dynamic support   for playing the game without soundcard. Sep 2011: - it seems some (newer) systems had problems running the game   so i've uploaded a hopefully more stable version   including some improvements to the game. Nov 2007: - uploaded a fresh open-source/media snapshot of the project   with a load of new features. May 2007: - created a webspace for and renamed this project. Aug 2006: - uploaded final 'mini gravity well' version of terra colony.
Below are some links that may be useful. Gravity Well 5.2 (shareware) - Linky ( final version, 3d modeled ) Gravity Well 4.0 (shareware) - Linky ( final 2d version, with some nice improvements over v3.5 ) Gravity Well 3.5 (shareware) - Linky ( the 'original', straight-forward & addictive ) HeckRuler83's Gravity Well page - Linky ( for historical purposes )
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