Below are some goodies I have available for Unreal Tournament. There's more, but you'll have to ask to find out!
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For your viewing pleasure.

BunnyTrack (BT) maps
 Bamboozled Bunnee Jumper

Floor Color = Safe Color
 Future Runner

How to turn a simple but challenging bunnytrack
into a beautiful and vivid environment
using (mostly) only cubes!

Abstract challenging obstacle course familiar to CTF players
and without the chance of dying during each obstacle.
 Easy Bunny

Explore a vast and magical world.
For both novice and experienced players.

Capture The Flag (CTF) maps

Created especially for experienced CTF players.
With a wide range of tactical team options and individual combat combinations.

An enlarged, highly optimized and upgraded version of CTF-Extortion-CE.
Transformed by Teasy.
 Lucius - EBTC edition

A highly optimized and upgraded version of CTF-Lucius-CE.
Modified by EddieBouncer and Teasy.
 November 3: The Ultimate November

A refreshing symmetrical variation on the ol' CTF-November.
Transformed by Teasy.

Various interesting maps
 HangarCity (working title)

This is a map collaboration project with EddieBouncer,
which is on hold, but now open for external continuation.

Original completely white called Construct (from The Matrix), but converted to
black to prevent going blind.  Intended for shrapnel parties.  The blue marker
causes objects in the air (if any) to drop.

An environment for various training and testing purposes.  Including weapon
training, monster bashing, jump/dodge/hammer practice, generic evasion, lift
jumping, deathmatch, shrapnel parties and so many more crazy things..

A map for the (unexisting) Chase mutator, similar to a game of tag.  Naturally
one player should chase the other.  If the player loses sight of the other for
over 5 seconds, the runner gains a point.  The chaser gains a point if still
visibly tracking after 60 seconds.  Great for awareness practice.  This version
of the map contains an even grid of pillars.

Similar to Awareness-3-2, only with more variations in the environment.

Intended for a mutator called Evasion (unexisting), but possible using LMS too.
The objective is to stay alive as long as possible.  The first one to die 5
times makes some tea.  This version of the map has ripperblades to evade.

An Evasion practice map using rockets.  The inner circle triggers rocket fire.

Simple multi-range ASMD and snipe deathmatch practice on request for Rular.

My first map!  I accidently created a hammer-boot-jump practice map.  Try a
hammer-boot-jump to a tiny hole in the wall.  Don't try looking for flags
though :P

A small arena for the TeleFrag mutator (translocator only deathmatch).  Suited
for LMS as well.

Created by Teasy