=  == ===================== ==  =             
            -  -- --------------------- --  -      .
                .    ,EEEEEE  ZZZZZZ ,BBBBb   .
            .     : ,EE' .  :  ,zZ' ,BB',BP      .
                .  ,EEEEE    ,zZ'  ,BBBBC'     :   .
              ;   ,EE'  .  ,zZ' . ,BB',BP  ;  .
           .   .  EEEEEE  zZZZZZ  BBBBD'  .       .
                -  -- --------------------- --  -
            =  == ===================== ==  =                 

                        Easy Bunny

Introduction Welcome to the home of one of the biggest custommaps ever created for the videogame Unreal Tournament (1999), which has taken me about 2 years to make. The map was originally intended for a custom gametype called Bunny-Track, which is a time-based obstacle course, but it has become much more than that! Feel free to look around and enjoy the true uniqueness.
- Getting started ............ Play the map yourself right now! - General specifications - World guide ................ Take a look what you're getting yourself into. - Hints - Technical information - Removed parts .............. Find out what went on behind the scenes. - New ideas not implemented - I want more - Used packages - Secrets .................... There are just too many. - References - Backwards .................. Videos! - But wait, there's more!
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Title:              Easy Bunny
Creator:            Teasy <>
Contact options:
Related website:
Released in:        Aug 2006
Final version:      Generation 3, Phase 3, Subordinate 1, Modification G,
                    Revision 3, Finalization 3


-------- |||||||| Getting Started -------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contains: - CTF-BT-EasyBunny.unr (Final version: g3p3-1g3f3) - Screenshot.jpg - ReadMe.txt - (Compressed UCC version for HTTP redirect) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- System requirements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Client (Players) - Harddisk space: At least 40 MB - Virtual memory: At least 512 MB Server - Harddisk space: At the most 40 MB - Virtual memory: At least 112 MB Unreal Tournament - Most of UT's standard packages - Most of UT's BonusPacks: 1, 2, 3 (InoxxPack) and 4 Also see Used Packages for a detailed list. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minimum recommended client system -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Video card: High-end, first generation GeForce or equivalent. Processor: Pentium 3, 600 MHz or equivalent. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Place: CTF-BT-EasyBunny.unr In: UnrealTournament\Maps ================================================================================ -------- |||||||| General Specifications -------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game: Unreal Tournament Game Type: Bunny Track / Capture The Flag - Instagib Single Player: Possible (Training) Botmatch: Batteries not included for bot bunnies Teamplay: Possible, but not required Ideal Players: 10 (5 vs 5) Spawn Spots: 16 (8 vs 8) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Items -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Searchlights and flashlights; Each with varying duration. Those harder to find usually have a longer duration. These items require dynamic lighting to be enabled. You can also use your weapon to light the way. - Jumpboots; Some boots have only 1 or 2 jumps, rather than 3. Most boots respawn fast so you can easily find out which obstacles you're able to skip in a particular area. - Weapon ammo; Generic. - Flare; Temporary lighting. - Pylons; Ride-able, hard though. - Book; Hidden but ride-able. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Ups -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Health vials; With -1 to +5 health. - Health packs; +20 health. - Thigh Pads; +50 armor (if enabled on server). - Shieldbelt; +150 armor (if enabled on server). - Big Keg'O Health; +100 health. - Invisibility; Lasts a long time. - Damage Amplifier; Also lasts a long time. ================================================================================ -------- |||||||| World Guide -------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the Easy Bunny experience! A vast and magical world, created for both novice and experienced players. Especially suited for true adventurers, BunnyTrack fanatics and those of you, like me, who love to explore various worlds, seeking to find all that is left undiscovered. Get ready for a sightseeing experience that goes on for hours and hours! This world, like my previous map, Peaceful, is kind to the health of bunnytrackers. Here you can make mistakes safely, without having to pay for it with your life over and over again. Some places are dangerous, yes, but the signs always make it obvious. Like heights, lights, alarms and such. Some obstacles may seem extremely difficult to overcome, but those that are most difficult have easy detours around them. There are various hints on each part of the world, also located in the Hints section of this page, that can help you find a way out. But if even then you can't seem to find a way around an obstacle, you can always ask around, or even ask me! :) In any place, except Capiche, you can return all the way back to the start, through hidden teleporters and simply on foot. Check out the list of pictures in the Hints section for one of these hidden teleporters. Also like in Peaceful, this map contains various gimmicks, like parts from other well known CTF maps, completely integrated into this world, like you can now see what these places used to look like, and how they actually relate to the rest of the world connected to it. It was my original intention to make you go "Hey! I know this place!" in the strangest places (with a big wink to CTF players) and I really hope you too have lots of eyebrow raising moments throughout this world! =) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ================================================================================ -------- |||||||| Hints -------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Welcome to the magic world of Easy Bunny. There are many secrets throughout this world, if you can find them. Be careful though, some places are dangerous, although the signs always make it obvious." This is the first hint message you encounter when entering the Welcome hangout, located somewhere in Lava Giant. Most hints are very helpful for finding ways out of a particular area. Below I have added the exact same hints, including snapshots, and with the actual name of that area as a bonus. There are more secrets revealed further on in this file.

Lava Giant

Ever wondered what's inside the base?

Alien Temple

Look directly under the stairs for some goodies,
and directly beneath the temple for a way out.
Although that isn't the only way.

Alien Tunnel - Part 1: Moving Platforms

You don't have to jump or dodge, you know?
Although the next section can't be done without, if you're in a hurry.

Alien Tunnel - Part 1: Moving Platforms - Jump Training

These jumps are similar to the jumps in the main tunnel ahead.
As well as more places further into this world.
There are some boots on the final platform you can use to skip an obstacle.

Alien Tunnel - Part 2, Obstacle 1: Dodge Ramps

Jump or dodge, use a ramp, or take a detour on the left,
which has 3 possible ways around the tunnel's obstacles.

Alien Tunnel - Part 2, Obstacle 3: Castle Jump

Precision leads the way. Don't forget you have a crosshair.

Alien Tunnel (Underground)

You can find some boots in the mine you can use to get back out,
but there's also a secret passage somewhere,
as well as a shortcut back to the Alien Temple.

If you're stuck, try going back to the Generator Tube
and find another way there.

Alien Tunnel - Teleport: Backward

A teleporter like this leads to a previous area of this world.
So don't take it unless you wanna go back where you came from :P

Generator Tube

The magnetic bars allow you to jump onto the wall.
And if you can make it there, multiple ways lead out of this detour,
some leading even further around the tunnel than others.

Transmission Outpost

Use the elevator to boost you all the way up, right on top of the crates.
You can use the red buttons to call the elevator and try again.
When you jump over the crates, watch out for ventilation gaps.

Space Pad

Up and down. Dodge relieves.

Transporter Shaft

Going down. But not too soon :)
There's a secret area under the bottom platform,
but you have to find another way to get there.

Elevator Shaft

Maybe there's a faster way down.
Without using the lifts.

November As We Don't Know It

There's something fishy about the marked crates.
Look for gaps and time each jump.

November As We Don't Know It - Teleport: Forward

This type of teleporter takes you further into this world.
A place you normally cannot reach without teleportation.

Mouse Trap

Center and straight down.
The crosshair, that is.

Squeeze Me

Dodgy timing. Like forwards. Dodge, that is.
Although sideways is possible too.

Master Dodge

Pretend you can fly to gain great dodge grip,
although there's a longer alternative route.

There's also an asbestos suit on the other side you can use to practice longer.

Master Dodge Detour - Lake Goo

Take it easy - there's a toxin suit somewhere.
One jump at a time really works.

Master Dodge Detour - Alien Ascent

Before entering, see where the ramp can make you go.

Aqua Metalique

Going up. Using button, wall, water and gate.

Drone Shaft - Entrance

Just jump, unless you have another idea.

Drone Shaft - Platforms & Jumppads

Fooling around with jumppads can take you higher.
But don't forget to grab some health vials.
Falling from heights can really hurt.
Try touching the highest jumppad twice in a row,
but that isn't the only way.

Drone Shaft - Apex Overpass

Timing is the key.
Even though there's another way, secret and hidden.

Sewer - Entrance

Be sure to grab a flashlight before getting into the pipe.
Although the flashlight is not the only goodie in the room.

Sewer - Pipe

Look for a control panel that opens.

Sewer - Gates

Leap from gate to gate, then use the levers on the left.
But be careful you don't get mashed!

Niven Experimental Lab

There are 2 normal exits directly above the dirty water.
But there are also 2 hidden exits somewhere.

Bermuda Madness

Left, right, left.
Where each option to take a direction is the direction to take
if you don't like the scenic route :P

Coret Facility

Take a good look at the top pillars,
there's a tiny ledge you can stand on.
Try a double jump.

Storage Area - Level One

Some crates can be moved to make a bridge.
In case some crack or can't be moved,
there's another way using unmovable crates.

Storage Area - Level Two

Find a box you can hop onto easily then hop your way to the top.
There are some difficult alternatives.

Storage Area - Level Three

A flashlight really makes a difference.
Because there are quite a few routes to the top.

Storage Area - Level Four

Don't let the abundance of objects confuse you.
As only the unmovable objects mark the path.
Remember that some boards can be used as a ramp.

Passage Of Illusion - Acid Loader

Look for a hidden button, supposedly on a hanging pillar.

Passage Of Illusion - Watch Your Step

Leap through the arch. And don't worry, it's safe to drop.
Although a few jumps won't hurt. Heck, it's probably easier without dodging.

Passage Of Illusion - Watch Your Step: Exit

Find a peculiar marking to open a secret passage,
which doesn't stay opened forever however.
Both are in plain sight and require no flashlight to become visible.

Passage Of Illusion - Cave Inferno: Gap Hunter

The light leads the way.

Passage Of Illusion - Cave Inferno

A button will reveal a way out.
Then it's just mountain climbing with a time limit.

The X-Files - Parking Lot

A flashlight will come in handy after leaping through the warehouse door.

The X-Files - Warehouse

Try the red switch.

The X-Files - Close Encounters

Beam me up, Scotty!

Construction Incomplete

Figure out a way to get on top of the cubes.
But watch out for things sticking out.
Try the easy and safe ways first if possible,
like without either jump or dodge.

Tube Capper - The Tubes

Try jumping from the top of one tube into another.

Tube Capper - Last Command

Forward dodge won't help ya, at least in the big shaft.


Straight ahead or follow the wall until you drop (3

-------- |||||||| Technical Information -------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Build Time: Unknown. Originally started in 2002, but the map, as a whole, started coming together after CTF-BT-Peaceful from 2004 - 2006. Tools Used: UnrealEd CoolEdit Pro Impulse Tracker UltraEdit Paint Shop Pro Unreal Tournament New Textures: Yes (Embedded: see References) New Sounds: No New Music: Yes (Embedded: see References) New Mutators: No New Actors: Yes (Embedded: see References) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Known Bugs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Drone Shaft - Top : A semi-solid brush behind each ramp (to jump onto the moving platform) seems to disappear. Most attempts to fix this bug result in various BSP holes throughout the entire map. 2. Sewer / Storage Area : Some items located in these areas may disappear in multiplayer games. I'm not sure what causes this, but it may be related to the ordering of actors and/or brushes in combination with an excess of decorations throughout the map for UT's netcode to handle properly. The objects are still there though. 3. Sewer : The red rotating lights in the Sewer may appear to be already turned on on some servers. It may have something to do with how actors are ordered. 4. The X-Files - Warehouse : There's a moving light effect (A UFO that flies by the window) which is completely invisible in multiplayer games. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Known Lags -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Alien Temple : Most of the lag here is caused by the complexity of that area in combination with the extensive lighting (and effects). I chose to keep everything in to maximize the 'wow'-effect :) 2. Alien Tunnel : The second part of this tunnel was optimized to be less laggy, but UT seems to actively map areas not visible from within this tunnel, combined with the heavy blue pulse light effect. I decided to keep all these things in for various reasons. For example, if you put only the tunnel in a separate map, the lag disappears completely and mysteriously. 3. Master Dodge Detour - Lake Goo : When looking through the ceiling, some other parts may become visible, suddenly causing a major framedrop, mainly due to masked/translucent textures and lighting effects. Looking away from masked/ translucent textures (like grates) helps. 4. Aqua Metalique : The translucency effects cause some lag. Looking down while jumping from pillar to pillar helps too. 5. Drone Shaft : Seeing everything at once naturally lags, although there are no real obstacles that are affected by this. 6. Construction Incomplete : Looking in some directions may cause lag. But once again, most places are not obstructed by any of this. 7. Tube Capper - Space Shaft : Lag here is caused by mirrors and lighting. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why does EasyBunny require so much memory? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Because it uses almost all of UT's texture packs, and in only 1 map. So UT tries to load all textures into memory before starting the map. If it fails, UT will quit with a message like 'Not enough virtual memory'. If you do get this message, simply increase the size of your operating system's swap file. For example in Windows 2000; System Properties -> Advanced -> Performance Options -> Paging file -> 1024 MB to be safe. Because one of the configurations I tested the map on had 768 MB of virtual memory but UT still complained about not having enough :P ================================================================================ -------- |||||||| Removed Parts -------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following parts were removed from the map for various reasons. Most due to Unreal Tournament's engine's limitations. Location: Lava Giant Part: (Shortcut to) Lava Giant \ Intro Room Reason: Redundant, excess nodes Location: Alien Tunnel Part: Transformer Room Reason: Excess nodes Location: (Transition to) Cave Inferno - Gap Hunter Part: Hole Room Reason: Unresolvable UT crash Location: (Transition to) The X-Files - Parking Lot Part: Subway Transition Reason: Excess nodes Location: Alien Tunnel Part: Cam Zone: Alien Temple Reason: Excess nodes/zones Location: Lava Giant Part: Cam Zone: Alien Tunnel (Underground) Reason: Excess nodes Location: November As We Don't Know It Part: Cam Zone: Generator Tube Reason: Excess nodes Location: Drone Shaft - Entrance Part: Cam Zone: Alien Ascent Reason: Excess nodes Location: Storage Area - Level One Part: Cam Zone: Aqua Metalique Reason: Excess nodes Location: Drone Shaft - Nexus Part: Cam Zone: Drone Shaft - Platforms & Jumppads Reason: Excess nodes/zones Location: Storage Area - Level Three Part: Cam Zone: Storage Area - Level Two Reason: Excess nodes/zones Location: Passage Of Illusion - Watch Your Step Part: Cam Zone: Acid Loader Reason: Excess nodes Part: Sky Zone: Blue Mountains Reason: Excess zones ================================================================================ -------- |||||||| New Ideas Not Implemented -------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a list of practical improvements (not visual) that were not implemented due to various complications arising from it, taking up additional months to get each one to work at all. Location: Alien Tunnel Idea: Moving each door or section separator down with an added lift or mini bunnytrack. Reason to implement: This removes a little more lag from that area as UT won't have to do anything with geometry lying beyond each section. Reasons not to implement: - Modification of existing parts. - BSP holes cascade. - Excess nodes. Location: Generator Tube Idea: A few more magnetic bars above the existing ones. Reason to implement: So you can reach the Station level without using the elevator. Reasons not to implement; - BSP holes cascade. - Excess nodes. Location: Transmission Outpost Idea: A single crate next to the red buttons. Reason to implement: Get on top of the crates easier. Reason not to implement: BSP holes cascade. Location: Mouse Trap Idea: Detour around the holes. Reason to implement: Easy route. Reasons not to implement: - Modification of existing parts. - BSP holes cascade. - Excess nodes. Location: Bermuda Madness Idea: One additional segment with another decoy room and two more portals. Reason to implement: Makes the maze a little harder. Reasons not to implement: - Excess zones. - Excess nodes. Location: The X-Files - Parking Lot Idea: A jumppad on top of the subway entrance. Reason to implement: If you have boots, you can use it as a shortcut to boost you over the entire parking lot in a second. Reason not to implement: BSP holes cascade. Location: Construction Incomplete Idea: Tower Run; One of the doors on the side is opened and leads to a huge hall with an extensive amount of easy jumps. Reason to implement: Easy yet time consuming detour around the original construction obstacles. Reasons not to implement: - BSP holes cascade. - Excess nodes. Location: Capiche Idea: Secret Teleporter Room; The hidden teleporter in Capiche originally led to a room much like the Welcome hangout, with teleporters to each part of the world. Reason to implement: So you can reach almost each part of the map going in both directions. Reason not to implement: Excess nodes. ================================================================================ -------- |||||||| I want more! -------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want a more detailed list, or anything related to the map, send an email my way, since these texts are currently unformatted and large in quantity, as well as any media and (raw) data. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Available text -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Build log (UED generated) - Construction log (Technical info on brushes, zones, lights, nodes, etc) - Work log (Detailed development info, multiple generations) - UED guide (How to load/edit/build EasyBunny without crashing UED) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Available media -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Separate, grouped, organized versions of each build group: Lava (Lava Giant) Alien (Alien Temple) Elev (Alien Tunnel -> November) Pi (Mouse Trap -> Drone Shaft) Sewer (Sewer -> Niven) Bermu (Bermuda Madness -> Cave Inferno) Xfiles (Parking Lot -> Close Encounters) Const (Construction Incomplete -> Capiche) - Any version of any part of this map, including parts not included in the final product, in varying construction generations, adding up to over 7 GB (!) in size.. - Original versions of EasyBunny Atmosphere; Ambient music in high quality formats. - Original versions of custom textures used: (256x256) Screenshot (Lava: 128x128) snapshot_* (IntroRoom pictures) (Elev: 256x256) [Text] 10q4dbv2-1 (Thank you for dropping by) (Elev: 256x128) Sign-There_is_another_way_1 (Xfiles: 512x512) [Logo] I_Want_To_Believe (Xfiles: 128x512) [Deco] filecabinet1_front6 (Xfiles: 128x128) [Deco] filecabinet1_side4 (Xfiles: 64x64) [Palette] ufo_flash_palette_1 (Const: 128x128) [Deco] weird_pattern_hori1 (Const: 128x128) [Deco] weird_pattern_verti1 (Const: 128x128) [Deco] weird_pattern_horiverti1 - Original versions of any images used in the production of this map. ================================================================================ -------- |||||||| Used Packages -------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Virtual -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - MyLevel -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actors -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - UnrealShare.u - UnrealI.u - Fire.u -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sounds -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - AmbModern.uax - AmbAncient.uax - DoorsMod.uax - AmbOutside.uax - DoorsAnc.uax - Activates.uax - AmbCity.uax -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Textures -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - DecayedS.utx - Detail.utx - PlayrShp.utx - UTtech1.utx - SGTech1.utx - Starship.utx - Metalmys.utx - Mine.utx - Ancient.utx - SkyCity.utx - UTtech2.utx - GenEarth.utx - Skaarj.utx - NaliCast.utx - Crypt2.utx - city.utx - RainFX.utx - Coret_FX.utx - GenFX.utx - UT.utx - Indus5.utx - genfluid.utx - GenIn.utx - HubEffects.utx - Slums.utx - FractalFX.utx - Liquids.utx - LavaFX.utx - NaliFX.utx - Indus4.utx - noxxpack.utx - utcrypt.utx - Lian-X.utx - nivenfx.utx - ShaneChurch.utx - Indus1.utx - Palettes.utx - Indus6.utx - SpaceFX.utx - DDayFX.utx - XbpFX.utx - XFX.utx - TrenchesFX.utx - CTF.utx - ShaneSky.utx - Factory.utx - Skybox.utx - shaneDAY.utx For a detailed list with each texture used, type 'Texture Cull' in UnrealEd and read the 'Editor.log' file, or contact me. ================================================================================ -------- |||||||| Secrets -------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It seems you have succesfully found your way to some revealing snapshots ;) Do you know any of these places? Location: Behind Alien Temple Location: Alien Temple (Entrance) Location: Transporter Shaft (Underground) Location: November As We Don't Know It Location: Mouse Trap Location: Drone Shaft: Nexus Location: Sewer (Entrance) Location: Niven Experimental Lab Location: Bermuda Madness Location: Construction Incomplete ================================================================================ -------- |||||||| References -------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maps -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Lava Giant : Based in part on CTF-Lavagiant - Alien Temple : Original - Alien Tunnel - Part 1: Moving Platforms : Original - Alien Tunnel - Part 1: Moving Platforms - Jump Training : Original - Alien Tunnel - Part 2: Obstacles (3) : Original - Alien Tunnel (Underground) : Original - Generator Tube : Original - Transmission Outpost : Original - Space Pad : Original - Transporter Shaft : Original - Elevator Shaft : Based in part on CTF-High - November As We Don't Know It : Based in part on CTF-November - Mouse Trap : Original Contains extract from CTF-Dreary - Squeeze Me : Original Contains extract from CTF-Dreary - Master Dodge : Original - Master Dodge Detour - Lake Goo : Original - Master Dodge Detour - Alien Ascent : Original - Aqua Metalique : Original - Drone Shaft : Original - Sewer : Original - Niven Experimental Lab : Based in part on CTF-Niven - Bermuda Madness : Original - Coret Facility : Based in part on CTF-Coret - Storage Area : Original - Passage Of Illusion - Acid Loader : Original - Passage Of Illusion - Watch Your Step : Original - Passage Of Illusion - Cave Inferno : Original Contains extract from CTF-Accelerator2 - The X-Files - Parking Lot : Original - The X-Files - Warehouse : Original - The X-Files - Close Encounters : Original - Construction Incomplete : Original Contains 256uu cubic extracts from: - CTF-November - CTF-Dreary - CTF-Tutorial - CTF-Niven - CTF-EternalCave - CTF-Coret - CTF-Command - CTF-Gauntlet - CTF-Cybrosis][ - CTF-Hydro16 - CTF-Face - Tube Capper - The Tubes : Original Contains extracts from: - CTF-Command - CTF-Dreary - Tube Capper - Last Command : Based in part on CTF-Command - Capiche : Original - Sky Zone Lava : Based on CTF-Lavagiant's skybox - Sky Zone Scary : Based in part on CTF-BadNeighborsV2's skybox - Sky Zone Niven : Based on CTF-Niven's skybox - Sky Zone Night Sky : Original - Sky Zone Const : Original -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - EasyBunny Atmosphere : Original -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Textures -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - All screenshots : Original and based on all of the above - Text \ 10q4dbv2-1 (Thank you for dropping by) : Original - Sign-There_is_another_way_1 : Original - Logo \ I_Want_To_Believe : Internet - Deco \ filecabinet1_* : Original - Palette \ ufo_flash_palette_1 : Original - Deco \ weird_pattern_* : Original -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actors -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - MultiSkyZoneInfo : Unreal Wiki ( ================================================================================ -------- |||||||| Backwards -------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A cinematic movie showing Easy Bunny in reverse!
EasyBunny backwards (preview: first 3 acts)     EasyBunny backwards (preview: act 8)

||||||||    But wait!  There's more!

Thank you

If you didn't enjoy the Easy Bunny experience, I thank you for trying anyway ;)


1. If you find any critical bug that obstructs playing this map normally, please
fix it! :)  You can contact me if you're not sure about something.

2. If you want to modify parts of this map, for example to create a butt-ugly
but completely lag-free competition version of this map, please do! :)
See also the suggested filenames list below, but you can also contact me for
more details.

3. However, you may not make money using this map without my permission :P  You
may contact me about it though ;)  Don't worry, I won't bite ya.


In case you want to release a modified version of this map, here are some
suggested filenames:
    - Original version:       CTF-BT-EasyBunny
    - Small fixes:            CTF-BT-EasyBunny-Fix6
    - Complete conversions:   CTF-BT-EasyBunny-Compo


If something bad happens to you that relates to this map in any way, please tell
me about it!  I've had some strange things going on while creating this monster
of a map :)


Bunny and her pussy shamelessly provided by ;)

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