Index After a long time of no progress on this project, we have decided to make it completely public. This way it can be used by or inspire everyone. If you click on the above picture, you will see a small collection of views from various areas of the map. However, many things are not displayed in the pics, so to see more you'd have to take a closer look at the downloadable archive, which contains: 1) the main UNR map file - with actors organized in many groups - and some custom textures and actors embedded (MyLevel) 2) summit_sky package (skybox) - note: borrowed, not intended for the final version 3) synergy texture package 4) lots of potential map titles :) Feel free to contact me if you are interested in this project or wish to continue this project or see anything within that you want to use. There are many more files available, like: 1) map files - for various objects - construction methods - and stages of construction 2) texture files - props, skyboxes, walls, etc 3) documentation - design documents - sketches and technical images - worklogs Just ask!
Created by Teasy and EddieBouncer