Player vs computer (dual camera) Player vs player (single camera)
Destructable terrain (metal theme) Low resolution mode (+ all details low/off)
Advanced render settings (F2) Control setup and game options (F1)
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X-NON is a 2-player (actually also single player) split screen shooter with 2D "Asteroids" physics and gravity, originally based on the Amiga's Gravity Force. A full-blown 'how to write a game' tutorial was created alongside the constructs of this game, which you can find here: The making of X-NON. This is actually an advanced version of the original game construct which includes computer players and many other new additions, which you can find at the bottom of this page. For some more detailed help, system requirements, gameplay instructions and controller options, please read the information file here: info.txt
You can download the game from here: Download index. The latest version has the highest letter/number, contained in a ZIP file. It includes a Windows executable and all of the required files and folders.
New features
Here is a compacted list with the most significant changes and improvements compared to the original version of the game: - Expanded tileset - Polished tilemap (+1 bonus) - Multiple explosion effects - Second music soundtrack - Parallax scrolling starfield and backgrounds - Animated spawn effects and ship lights - Collision effects - Minimaps (overview and zoomed) - Automatic camera view travelling - Ship hovering ability - Transparent game elements - Random audio panning and volume subtleties - Ship auto-fire and rapid auto-fire ability - Quit confirmation - Alternate keyboard player controls - Computer players - Polished game interface - Help screen with camera/player control and game options - Ship thrust-boost ability - Bullet to bullet collisions and effects - FPS, video memory and object statistics - Screen transitions - Off-map player black-out effect - Polished heads-up display - Graphics window scaling features/options - Fixed a bug in the original code where LoadTileMap tried to open a file for reading AND writing - Rendering options screen with presets - Low resolution mode - Destructable terrain - Explosive tiles (below spawnspot) - Tilemap shadows - Alternate tileset - Automatic game timing/smoothing - Low FPS indicator - Joystick and mouse support - Animated flash effects - Auto-load/save game settings - Launcher command-line utility
Created by Teasy All universal rights honored and affirmed.